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Since 1972

Novaxpren has been playing a leading role in the plastic foams sector for years: it is a clear reference for the partners who rely on Novaxpren, on its production capacity and willingness to solve any problem or provide technical assistance. Novaxpren converts plastic foams (Polyurethane, PVC, Polyethylene, Melamine, Rubber and suchlike) into panels, seals, rolls, formed and die-cut elements. In addition, Novaxpren performs glueing processes, surface treatments, sandwiching, plastic film applications and metal foil lamination.

Customer satisfaction is Novaxpren main concern. That’s why we are always in the right place at the right time, assuring assistance when needed and high standards of quality, know-how and service. Novaxpren is involved in so many sectors: just to name a few of them, we can mention the automotive, the electrical household appliance, the building sector, air conditioning, sound proofing...

The technical features and acknowledged quality of our products make Novaxpren an ideal partner for sound proofing and heat insulation needs, not to mention sealing, filtering, packaging, air conditioning, etc.
Passive safety, environmental protection and health are coming in the forefront as issues of general concern. For this reason, all the products in our range feature certified fireretardant finishes and have been conceived with recycling in mind.