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    Since 1972, NOVAXPREN is active in the converting of polyurethane foam, polyethylene, PVC, melamine (Basotect), celluar rubber and related, to the production of acoustic insulation seals for industry and construction, die-cut and shaped for the automotive sector, household appliance, air conditioning and filtration.
    Polyester resin available in various densities, (from 22 to 90 kg/m3) with fire resistant capacity. Manufacturing processes range from the production of flat sheets to more complex shaped products (egg shell surface, pyramids, ellipsoids, filling elements according to the customers specifications, etc), subsequently subjected to glueing processes, the application of films or othertreatments on demand. The main sector of use include: sound-proofing of rooms, the air conditioning industry, sound proofing strips or pads for cars, packaging, typewriters and computers, the refrigeration industry, etc.
    Self-extinguishing polyethylene foam, produced in rolls, sheets, die cut and/or subjected toglueing processes. It is widely used in the car industry as weather stripping and seals, in the air conditioning sector as heat insulation for air conditioning and ducts, seals for flanges, insulation for refrigerators, etc. Ideal product for heat insulation.

    Prodotto ideale per isolamento termico.
    EPDM foam rubber with density from 120 kg/m3, mainly used as seals or shock absorption pad.

    sectors of use: air conditioning sector, seals for flangers, etc.
    PVC foam 120-180 kg/m3, widley used in various industrial sectors owing to its properties: softness, plastic and considerable ageing resistance. The products is available with or without adhesive.
    Polyurethane impregnatedresin with highself modelling capacity, an ideal solution for sealing very uneven surface. The product is available in NERO (black tarred) or GRIGIO (grey resin bonded) versions.
    An exceptionally high quality product, featuring a low speific weight (11 kg/m3), coupled with high fire resistance (class 1 material) and excellent sound insulation properties. All these quality make melamine an ideal product for the production of sound proofing panels for rooms, coverings both for walls and false celling. Melamine is particulary in demand in industrial applications calling for class 1 fire retardant material (CSE RF 2/7 5A and RF 3/77).
    Open cell plastic foam suitable for filtering air, water and heavy resin oils.